How Can My Business Make Use of the Different Kinds of Hose?

Across business and industry, there is a plethora of hoses to choose from, each specialised to a different task, incorporating different construction methods and materials to achieve the ideal result in their application. How your business makes use of each kind of hose determines the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its operations – so make sure you choose the right hose for the job!

Different Hoses for Different Jobs

Thanks to the panoply of available hose types, ranging from corrugated stainless steel hose to smooth PTFE and composite builds, any hose needs which any business or industrial project may present can be met with the right response. It’s important to choose the right hose for the job – a hose that is ideal for transporting foodstuffs in a milkshake factory may not be ideal for use in a hydraulic assembly or the transport of petrochemicals, and vice versa!

An example of the different hose types available from leading hose manufacturer Proflex Hose is presented below, along with a few business application ideas for each hose type – but for more information and more comprehensive advice on the right hose for your needs, you should get in touch with Proflex Hose on +44 (0) 1257 220 010 or visit their website using the links embedded in this blog post. Once there, you can read more about each type of hose or get in touch directly via a contact form for more tailored information.

Business Make Use of the Different Kinds of Hose

Stainless Steel Hose

Stainless steel hose is one of the hardiest, most durable hose varieties available from Proflex Hose. Made from corrugated steel tubing, which is flexible and tough, stainless steel hose can also be sheathed in a tightly woven mesh of stainless steel slats, increasing its pressure resistance enormously and making it suitable for high-pressure applications. This weave also works to protect the hose from abrasions or external damage, which might otherwise compromise it, particularly over time.

Stainless steel hose, particularly with mesh sheathing fitted, is ideal for use with liquids or gasses under pressure, and with impressive corrosion resistance and resistance to rust, it is also a great choice in chemically demanding situations, like the petrochemicals industry. The pressure resistance also makes this type of industrial hose a great choice for carrying fluid in hydraulic assemblies.

Composite Hose

Made from a combination of spiralling wire and flexible tubing (usually in layers of polymer or film), composite hose is a particularly versatile carrier of fluids and gasses at a range of pressures. By using a composite hose, business owners and captains of industry have the ability to tailor their hose to any application, choosing wire spiral types and materials, along with the film material, which best suits their practices.

These versatile, adaptable hoses are ideal for a range of applications, depending on the construction chosen – from the food and drinks industry to fuels, hydrocarbons and hydraulic fluid – when you order your composite hose from Proflex Hose, you will be able to specify the required pressure capacity, material carried, temperature and more – talk to the experts at Proflex Hose for more information!

PTFE Smoothbore

PTFE smoothbore hose is another particularly versatile hose type available from Proflex Hose, which can be applied to a range of applications and varied in its construction type, with the possible inclusion of stainless steel mesh braiding to vastly improve pressure capacity.

Extremely smooth and non-stick on the inside, PTFE hose is extremely resistant to corrosion and essentially acts as a self-cleaning conduit, internal fluid movement clearing any plaque or build up before it can establish a foothold. This makes PTFE smoothbore hose a particularly good choice for use in hydraulic systems, high and low pressure steam, chemicals, paints, inks, adhesives, refrigerants and foodstuffs.

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The experts at our head office will be happy to help you find the perfect hose for your business needs, and can provide any advice you may need to help choose the ideal hose installation, as well as answering any questions that you may have, and taking into account your specific requirements to make sure you get the perfect hose for the job!

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