Increasing Sales at Your Bar

If you are in the bar and restaurant business, then chances are you’re looking to increase the amount of sales you have throughout the week. Sure, Friday and Saturday nights are probably jam-packed with patrons buying drinks and appetizers, but you could probably squeeze a few more guests in and also make it busier during the weeknights. There are several ways to go about increasing sales at your bar, but using the trial and error method can be both time consuming and costly. Instead, we have compiled a few ideas that will help you get more business in a very short period of time.


Probably the most obvious way to draw more attention to your bar or nightclub is a good old fashion marketing campaign. If your bar doesn’t have a website that is the very first thing you want to get done. Without a website, most people will never know you exist. Also, utilizing social media to promote your bar is a simple and free way to get tons of exposure. Lastly, there are paid advertising options such as search engine ads or radio and television spots. Though these will cost more money than a website or social media, you also get highly targeted exposure to a huge number of potential customers.

Increasing Sales

Fun Activities

Giving your guests something fun to do while at your bar is a great way to generate buzz that will spread like wildfire throughout your community. You can do something as simple as having a unique birthday celebration option for your guests complete with bottle sparklers and cake or something as complex as billiard or beanbag tournaments for cash prizes. On trending idea is having bar bingo which really brings in customers on an otherwise slow night of sales. Regardless of what activities you choose to offer, it’s a great way to drum up more customers.

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment, such as having local cover bands performing songs, can be a huge way to attract new customers. Most people are looking for something fun to do on the weekends, and seeing a live band is probably at the top of their list. Of course, you will need some sort of stage for the band to setup on and you’ll need to pay them for their performance, but you will likely see a drastic spike in sales due to increased occupancy as well as longer stay times.

Curb Appeal

Lastly, nothing revitalizes an old bar like a little sprucing up on the exterior and interior. People love the feel of going to a brand new place, so even something as subtle as a new coat of paint or a brand new sign and logo can go a long way to creating the illusion of a fresh start. Additionally, changing the theme inside your bar can create an entirely new atmosphere that your guests will love. Many people get tired of going to the same place every night, so giving the inside of your bar a fresh feel can give old customers incentive to come back for some more nighttime fun.

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