Industrial & Commercial Lighting Information

Both commercial and industrial lighting should be durable, efficient, and long-lasting. The purpose of commercial lighting is typically more utilitarian than visual appeal, but you should ultimately choose the type of lighting that’s most compatible with your facility and application.

You should consider the various factors needed with each light to find the right product, including color trueness that allows for accurate inspection of products that enter and leave a warehouse space.

Regardless of the application, you should be able to find the fixtures and bulbs most appropriate for your facility. There are several types of commercial and industrial lights to consider based on the structure and needs of your facility.

Commercial Lighting Information

The Need for Reliable Lighting Fixtures

Industrial and commercial lights are used for illumination in nearly any type of space, including parking lots, carports, soffits, hallways, utility rooms, gyms, outdoor areas, or other spaces.

There are many types of lights that these types of facilities use, requiring different systems depending on everything from the width of the space to the height, resulting in the selection of different brightness levels and other optional features.

Here are some of the popular lighting options that are used in industrial and commercial locations.

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

There are three main types of indoor lighting fixtures used in commercial and industrial facilities: high bay, low bay, and panel lighting. High bay lighting is often used in warehouse spaces and many others, with different brightness and lens color options depending on the needs of the specific facility. Low bay lighting is for areas with lower ceilings such as retail outlets.

Flat panel lighting offers a more modern look that makes them ideal for more contemporary settings, with a higher emphasis on appeal compared to most low and high bay lighting. Panel lights are also good for providing illumination in smaller, more confined spaces like offices.

Outdoor Commercial Lighting

Many commercial and industrial locations have a need for a wide range of outdoor lighting systems. There are many types available, depending on your facility’s needs. This lighting includes canopy lights for gas station canopies and other locations that require sufficient overhead lighting, pole lights for street lights, LED flood lights for locations such as stadiums, and low-ceiling lights for areas like parking garages that have lower ceilings.

Many types of facilities will require a combination of these outdoor lights in addition to indoor lighting fixtures. Depending on your needs, you should be able to find the perfect customizable solutions to provide you with exactly what you need.

Specialty Lighting

Another type of lighting that many facilities may need includes specialty lighting for specific applications, such as cooler lighting for refrigeration units in grocery stores or other locations requiring lights in coolers. Specialty lights can help ensure that each space in a specific application receives the lighting necessary for employees and customers alike to see and inspect products or equipment.

You should consider the individual needs of your business prior to selecting lighting, and determine which lighting systems are most ideal for your facilities. Lighting experts can assist with this if needed.

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