Meet the Innovative & Skilled Hotelier In USA

In the realm of international luxury hotels, the name of Pan Pacific Group of Hotels evokes high quality, opulence, ambiance and sophistication among hotel connoisseurs and its customers. However, the global dominance of this prominent luxury hotel chain would not have been possible without the exemplary business acumen and innovative strategies of its business leader, Patrick Imbardelli.

Patrick Imbardelli was previously the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Pan Pacific Group of Hotels or PPHG chain. In his illustrious career spanning thirty years he has been associated with a number of prominent luxury hotel groups. Mr. Imbardelli has played a pivotal role in promoting and enhancing the brand image of the Pan Pacific Group of Hotels or PPHG chain in the international arena. He is an effective business leader with exemplary business acumen and analytical skills. Many prominent experts in the international hospitality industry, regarded him as a business strategist per excellence, whose innovative and effective business development have been a catalyst in Pan Pacific Group of Hotels’ growth. Many people in hospitality industry see him as an ideal role model for others to follow.

Skilled Hotelier In USA

During Patrick Imbardelli’s successful stint as President of Pacific Group of Hotels, the luxury hotel group has won a many international awards and recognition for excellence. Mr. Imbardelli has also been the recipient for such international awards for excellence in recognition for his immense contribution towards the development of the industry. Today, Mr. Imbardelli is renowned personality not only in the American hospitality industry but also in the global hospitality industry.

Patrick Imbardelli is an ideal role model and mentor for a number of hotel management aspirants who are eager to follow his footsteps in the industry. The hotel management industry is highly competitive and demanding environment to work in. It is imperative for all the aspirants to prepare for the grueling task of learning the trade. In the realm of integrity and trust, Mr. Imbardelli believes that an individual should be approachable and maintain that integrity when other people approach you for advice and counsel.

He believes without a shadow of doubt in the immense power of advice and inspiration that depends on trust. Mr. Imbardelli’s has exceptional communication and leadership skill and this was evident during his successful stint in the hospitality industry as inspiring team leader and role model. Many people and leading experts in the industry admire him for his exemplary interpersonal skills. Many of his peers and contemporaries have a high regard for Mr. Imbardelli for his valuable contribution to the hospitality industry.

Patrick Imbardelli is also deeply involved in charity work in spite of his successful and busy career in the hospitality industry. He is a compassionate individual who believes give back to society. In recognition for exemplary work in the upliftment of underprivileged and disadvantaged children, he is a recipient of The Variety Club International Award For Service To Underprivileged and Disadvantaged Children. He believes that it is the responsibility of every individual to give back to society what society has given him or her.

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