Open Healthy Trade Practice Is a Unique Solution to Global Employment Potential

Since its inception, the International Tax and Investment Company, a worldwide apprised American non-profit community has contributed significantly to educate its associated client countries to introduce superior tax policies and reformation. The Washington DC-based organization considers that based upon good tax administration it’s always possible for its members to attain the best benefits of tax policies especially when it comes to encouraging investment and revenue earning potential. In last 20 years, it has helped a series of nations in the reformation of their tax policies which has been established beneficial for both private and public sector stakeholders. This has improved understanding between both sectors and helped enhance productivity, economic status, and national income.

Equipped with a group of top knowledgeable analysts, researchers, and advisors, the International Tax and Investment Center has offered comprehensive training to tax administrators, and officials in countries like Albania, Armenia, Botswana, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. In addition, the tax officials of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Swaziland, Turkey, Belarus, Slovakia and more are also trained by ITIC experts in tax reformation and development.

Global Employment

Whether it’s private or public stakeholder of ITIC, whoever has joined the community has been benefited and has acknowledged the uniqueness of ITIC’s activities and programs. As there are Minister of Finance, Republic of Ghana; Deputy Chief Economist, Fiscal and Monetary Affairs Departments, Ministry of finance, Republic of Kenya or His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, President, Republic of Kazakhstan, there are presence of major private stakeholders like Senior Vice President – Global Tax, Unilever; Mr. William Morris, Director of international Tax Policy, General Electric as well, Mr. Peter Seka, General Counsel, Corporate, MARS, Inc.

This is how the International Tax and Investment Center, has been committed to assisting its stakeholders in developing superior understanding level among them, which is a significant need to stay reinforced and growth-oriented in the globalized and upcoming  economics. The healthy exchange of ideas, open business environment and enhanced investment potential are some effective tools that can help eradicate global poverty, increase employment possibilities and can bring in a radical change in common people’s standard of living. This is the key ideology, targeting which ITIC is continuing its voyage since 1993.

Whereas the community is committed to helping its partners earn significant growth, investment-friendly worldwide environment, and mutual wellness, ITIC strongly believes that it can play a very helpful role in advancing the thoughts of open trade. And, needless to say, to attain this, there must be clarity, openness, and transparency within the activities of public and private enterprises. With the introduction of ITIC’s new generation unbiased platform, all its stakeholders, irrespective of their activity can be beneficial transporting worldwide trust, growth, and prosperity.

Apart from Daniel Witt, the President, Black Marshall the Vice President the entire community people associated with the International Tax and Investment Center are quite happy of being supported by the internationally prominent monetary organizations like International Monetary Fund or IMF, World Customs Organization, World Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Backed by its 12 major educationals as well as advisory offices the folks of ITIC are confident to strike their bull’s-eye in coming years.

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