Where to Invest in Commercial Property in 2019

If it comes to property investments, location is everything, and we regard Birmingham as the ideal location in the United Kingdom. In the heart of England, Birmingham is probably the hippest place in Britain. As the Birmingham Airport is exploding, it is at the heart of the UK rail network and the UK road network.

The second largest city in the UK is one of the most popular cities in Europe, ranked above than London. Today, we spend billions of pounds on infrastructure, retail, and commercial and residential infrastructure projects throughout the city. HSBC, Deutsche Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have moved their headquarters to the city, as the city won the 2022 Commonwealth Games organization project and showcasing their global appeal. Birmingham is a large city with about eighty thousand students in three large universities and other small universities. As a result, there is also a huge student property market.

Birmingham has developed the largest professional services centre outside of London with a strategy for key areas of investment. As a result, the demand for a life in the city centre is high and housing prices in Birmingham are rising faster than in other cities in the UK.

Invest in Commercial Property in 2019

The Best Areas of Birmingham to Invest in:

Birmingham offers real estate investments tailored to various investors. The most popular commercial property investment areas in Birmingham are:

The City Centre

The city centre of Birmingham is more popular with professionals who want to work nearby and have all the amenities of downtown. Besides the new buildings in places such as the mailbox, Birmingham’s downtown apartments display a remarkable conversion and their age in the jewellery sector.


In addition, the north of downtown Erdington is a low-cost residential area much sought after by tenants looking for cheap housing and by homeowners looking for cheap real estate. It is also popular with students. Another advantage of Erdington is its excellent public transport network and its road links to the city.

South Birmingham

The southern suburbs of Birmingham, including Selly Oak, Harborne, Moseley, and Edgbaston are the most popular mid-range suburbs of the city. They attract not only family members but also professionals wishing to live outside the city centre. The University of Birmingham also has a campus in Edgbaston, so there is also a popular student residence area.

East Side and Digbeth

The new campus of the University Of Birmingham City, in the Eastern District, is one of the first regeneration projects developed in this region. The new HS2 station will open on Curzon Street in 2026 and will be one of the busiest networks. Digbeth has a good reputation as a region of fashion. This area is getting more attention from developers.

The Airport Area

Finally, investors interested in Birmingham might have a concern about the Birmingham Airport area. There are not only plans to expand the airport but also new HS2 stations and transit. There are also large-scale business development plans, including over four thousand houses called the central hub of the United Kingdom.

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