Why Choose an Experienced SEO Service Provider

Why you should always hire experienced SEO providers

With the average consumer spending approximately 24 hours a week online, entrepreneurs are left with no option but to take their businesses online, as this is where the majority of their current and potential customers are found. Thank this, the competition to remain on the top of SERPs among business is now stiff more than ever, making SEO an integral part of every business regardless of its size. As a result, having a skilled SEO provider is essential as it is the thin line between ranking well and watching competitors get bigger with each wake. Unfortunately, most people don’t often realize the essence of a good SEO provider, and they end up picking the cheapest packages that they come across. While the upfront costs of an inexperienced or low-quality SEO provider might be easy on your budget, the results can prove to be quite disastrous as shown below.

Experienced SEO Service Provider

Weak content

Good content is the backbone of your SEO efforts. Any content on your website should not only attract the clients but should also inspire action. It should achieve these objectives while at the same time, remain readable to search engines. You can only get such content from an experienced SEO agency for large brands.

Yes there is no denying that an affordable, inexperienced SEO provider will give you content, but this will be weak content, full of poor grammar, off the point and most probably, keyword stuffed. The results of this are that your content will lack sense and importance to your clients causing you to lose many potential customers who would have helped propel your business to success.

It is also crucial to note, that since significant search engines introduced software and algorithms that flag down cheap and shoddily written content, gone are the days where any material could be king. For instance, in 2011, Google introduced Google Panda, an algorithm which easily detects poorly crafted website content.

Therefore an inexperienced SEO provider not only causes you to lose customers but also puts you at the risk of being wiped off Google land which of course spells doom for your business, as this is where 90% of your prospects come looking for what you offer.

You will sing to the tune of poor link building

Besides great content, link building is yet another critical driver of great SEO. In other words, great content and excellent link building are the basic requirements of SEO that you can’t afford to get wrong. Again, a low-quality SEO provider will help you with the backlinks and link building process, but he/she is more likely to buy links, as this is cheap and saves him/her time.

While this is beneficial for their part but it is incredibly harmful to your business because first, link building takes time and a lot of valid connections for it to bring you great results. Secondly, Google hates link spam and even has an anti-spam algorithm known as Google Penguin which will track and aggressively punish your online storefront by shutting these links down or even worse-banning your site.

Poor website designs

Even though the above elements are of the essence, your AUX design is equally as important. Your website design should be user-friendly. By this, we mean that clients should be able to find what they are looking for without breaking a sweat. It should also be appealing to both humans and search engines. It should not take ages to load as this causes most clients to exit even before they see what you offer. It should also be both mobile and PC friendly, thus can be accessed from any device that your clients might be using. Unfortunately, these are factors that an amateur cannot achieve, which again affects you negatively.

Low-quality SEO providers don’t value you

You might think you are special because you received a marketing email from the company promising great SEO at an affordable price, but unfortunately you are not. Inexperienced SEO providers send these marketing emails to any email address they come across. This means unlike an experienced SEO provider, they don’t care about your business and are there for the money. As a result, they use the one size fits all tactic, in which they use the same essential elements for every client, without focusing on your strong and weak points. The result of this is that you rank poorly, lose a lot of clients causing your business to stagnate, and on top of it all, the few hundreds that you had paid them for their poor services go down the drain.

No customer support

Once they do a shoddy job and you pay them, most inexperienced SEO providers vanish into thin air. This is because they are aware they did a lousy job. That means even if you notice the problems in the long run, which you will do even before a few days lapse by, you will have nowhere to run to that means starting all over again. A competent SEO provider will always be there just in case you need them. Don’t forget that SEO is not a onetime thing. You will need to update your website regularly, and carry out audits to identify loopholes in your SEO strategy. You cannot implement this on your own, and as such, you will need a provider who will be there from day one. Such a provider will understand your needs better, and learn to incorporate the relevant elements, setting you up for success.

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